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Polene Puff

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Polene Puff
Mrs. Puff's Western Ancestor
General information
Interests: Revenge on Dead Eye
Occupation(s): Dancer at the Krusty Kantina
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Tan, with pink and purple on the dress
Eye color: Black
Descendants: Mr. Puff
Employer: William Krabs
Enemies: Dead Eye Plankton
First appearance: "Pest of the West"
Latest appearance: "Pest of the West"
Portrayer: Mary Jo Catlett
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Polene Puff is a dancer at the Krusty Kantina in Dead Eye Gulch. At the end of the episode "Pest of the West," she lets out her anger and stomps on Dead Eye Plankton several times. She is the only other known family member of Mrs. Puff.


She looks remarkably similar to Mrs. Puff: overweight, short, stubby fins, and hair color. The only difference between her and Mrs. Puff is their hair and the clothing. She wears a purple dress and a long pink feather in her hair. Also, her hair is longer and curlier.

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