The Plankton Family is a family that goes on for generations that eventually all relate to the main and evil character Sheldon J. Plankton.

Family Tree

Karen the Crystal Ball
Many Generations
Dead Eye Plankton
Four Generations
Grand Dad Plankton
Ella Plankton
Moe Bros
Silas Plankton
Gordon Plankton
Mama Plankton
Clem and other Cousins of Sheldon
Sheldon J. Plankton
Karen Plankton

Sheldon J. Plankton



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Sheldon J. Plankton tries to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula from his arch-rival. Plankton has over 6,000 cousins. He also has a wife called Karen (see underneath).

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Karen Plankton

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Karen Plankton is Plankton's wife. She is always nagging about Plankton not getting the Krabby Patty.



Clem Plankton

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Clem is the main cousin of Plankton. He is a hillbilly and he has hole in his hat for his antennae. It was mentioned that he can't read.

Plankton's Army 40

Plankton and his Cousins.

Plankton's Cousins

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Plankton's Cousins include:

  • Clem Plankton
  • Zeke Plankton
  • Rufus Plankton
  • Jeke Plankton
  • Billy Bob Plankton 
  • Billy Jim Plankton
  • Billy Billy Bo Willy Banana Fana Fo Filly Plankton
  • Toad Plankton
  • Enis Plankton
  • Doug Plankton
  • Leisha Plankton
  • Rainchild



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Planktonamor is a medieval ancestor of Plankton, who's an evil wizard that appeared in "Dunces and Dragons." He was the owner of the medieval King Jellyfish, who he would send out to destroy the town unless King Krabs gave him the power. After kidnapping Princess Pearl, SpongeBob was sent out to fight him to the death, winning by stepping on him.

P Dad

Plankton (left) and his Dad (right).

Papa Plankton

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Papa Plankton is Plankton's father who only appeared in the book Hooray for Dads!. Mr. Plankton also was mentioned in "Frozen Face-Off" when Plankton said, "Dad was right, I should've minored in business administration."

Mama Plankton

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Mama Plankton is Plankton's mother. She is mentioned in "Nicktoons Unite!" and Creature from the Krusty Krab. Plankton even kept claiming that she would be proud of him if he took over the world and appreciate him more.

Grand Dad(Grandpa Plankton)

Grand Dad Plankton

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Grand Dad Plankton is Plankton's grandfather who was seen in "One Coarse Meal." Plankton saw him when he dreamed of being eaten by Pearl. From the fact that Plankton saw him in a whale's stomach, he was probably eaten by a whale.

Grandma Plankton

Gramma Plankton

Ella "Gram Gram" Plankton

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Ella "Gram Gram" Plankton is Plankton's grandmother mentioned in "Krabs vs. Plankton" and later physically appeared in "Gramma's Secret Recipe." She currently resides in Shady Shoals Rest Home.

Dead Eye

Dead Eye Plankton

Dead Eye Plankton

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Dead Eye Plankton is Plankton's western ancestor, who's an outlaw that was only seen in "Pest of the West." Everyone in Dead Eye Gulch is afraid of him. He brought down from power when SpongeBuck SquarePants stepped on him.



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Fredrick is Karen's father and Plankton's father-in-law. He tends to like drinking English tea, but not to like the husband his daughter married, Plankton. He has not appeared in an actual episode, but is a character that won in a contest in Nick Magazine. He has only made an appearance in the December 2009 issue of Nick Mag.

Single Cell Anniversary 20


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E.M.I.L.P. is Karen's mother and Plankton's mother-in-law. Like Fredrick, E.M.I.L.P. doesn't like Plankton, saying that she wished Karen married an ATM, a person with money, instead of him. She physically appears in "Single Cell Anniversary" after Karen short-circuited. She is just like her husband Fredrick.

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