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Plankton Giant Robot Ships

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Plankton Giant Robot Ships


Clem robot

Rainchild robot

Physical Appearance
Color: Green, Purple, and light blue
Series Information
First appearance: Plankton's Robotic Revenge
List of characters

Plankton Giant Robot Ships are the main device used by the Plankton Family in the game Plankton's Robotic Revenge.


They are green, purple, and light blue and made of metal. They have an eye similar to that of PlanktonPlankton's Death Robot seen in Eek, An Urchin!, Robot Plankton seen in Battle for Bikini Bottom, and Plankton's Submarine Robots seen in Nicktoons Unite!. This is unlike the other eyes of his plankton robots which turn from solid red to solid green depending on where the player(s) is/are. Notable robots with these eyes are Plankton's Robot Army from Plankton's Robotic Revenge and all of the robots from SpongeBob's Truth or Square. The Robot Ships also have two arms with hands that can be turned into guns. They also have 4 rockets at the bottom.


  • Hand Lasers: It can shoot lasers from its "Hands"
  • Mouth Lasers: It can shoot lasers from its mouth.


A sailing ship was passing over Bikini Bottom and dropped some batteries. These Batteries landed in front of the Chum Bucket. Plankton found the batteries which now look huge because of the different sizes between sea creatures and humans. Then, Karen made the Robot Ship. These and the Robot Army from Plankton's Robotic Revenge (Which she got help from the other Plankton family members) are the only noted inventions of Karen.

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