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Plankton's imagined family

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Plankton's imagined family
Plankton's Army
Physical appearance
Gender: Males
Color: Green
Eye color: Yellow and red
Classification: Planktons
First appearance: "Plankton's Army"
Latest appearance: "Plankton's Army"
Creature from the Krusty Krab (Normal green plankton with space suit)
The SquarePants Mysteries (Cyan plankton with fur pelt)
List of characters


Plankton's imagined family are a group of people imagined by Plankton in the episode "Plankton's Army."

List in order from left to right

  • Dark green with 1920's - 1930's gangster outfit. 
  • Light green with lab coat and glass.
  • Normal green with boxing shorts.
  • Palish green with large head and purple coat.
  • Dark green with police outfit.
  • Normal green with space suit.
  • Pale green with a black cloak.
  • Very light green with a gotee and robe.
  • Normal green with Napoleon Bonaparte outfit.
  • Very dark green (possibly shading from the hood) with a orange robe.
  • Cyan with fur pelt.
  • Light green with purple scarf and labcoat.


  • Even though the 11th plankton is supposed to be "imaginary," he appears in the online SpongeBob game The SquarePants Mysteries.
    • If this is correct, that must mean that the others are real also.
  • The sixth plankton appears in Creature from the Krusty Krab as an outfit that Plankton can wear in the "Super-Sized Patty" level.

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