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Plankton's cousins are Plankton's family that first appear in the episode "Plankton's Army." They appear and act in the manner of a modern hillbilly. The majority of them can read except for one, Clem. Unlike Plankton, they are not evil. They want rewards if they help Plankton, such as memory for their laptops, an extra string for a banjo, matching boots, and all of them want root beer.


Plankton's Army 37

A close up of Plankton's cousins.

Because they are all hillbillies, it would be obvious that little things could please them. One common like between all of them is their enjoyment of root beer. They are also fond of Plankton's computer wife, Karen. They also laugh quite a bit, when Karen was joking about Plankton's first name (Sheldon).



  • One of Plankton's many cousins is mentioned in the episode "The Algae's Always Greener" when Plankton says he has not reviewed anything except for exercise videos that one of his cousins sent him.
  • Fletcher McGee is dark green and shaped like a circle and has two black sideburns.
  • Clem looks identical to Plankton except with a bottle he often carries and a brown hat.
  • Clem cannot read.
  • At most parts they are repeated.
  • Plankton's cousins also appear in the online game, "Delivery Dilemma."
  • At first, when it shows them standing around the Krusty Krab there would be trillions of them. But, later when they start storming in (and in later scenes) there is a lot less.
  • They made a cameo appearance in "One Coarse Meal."

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