Planet Rollercoaster is a recreational amusement park featured in the episode "Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation." Despite its name, there only appears to be one rollercoaster track in the entire amusement park.



The foundation of this amusement park is short compared to other amusement parks in Bikini Bottom such as the former Glove World!, let alone the new amusement park Glove Universe. Compared to other locations in Bikini Bottom, this amusement park appears to be in the middle of nowhere or at least further from civilization than other places. Though, it appears to have only one rollercoaster track, it is possible that there are multiple carts that are located on the track.

Unlike Glove World! and Glove Universe, Planet Rollercoaster does not appear to have an opening gate or door to allow visitors. There also does not appear to be a ticket taker or other employees belonging to the park. Also considering how it has no entrance, it is unknown how to get on the rides.


Planet Rollercoaster's body between the tracks is a giant sphere, hence the name "planet." The track runs in the shape of a magnetic field around the sphere in numerous twists and turns. There is also what appears to be a UFO-shaped buoy at the top of a spiral-shaped track that the rollercoaster cart, or carts, supposedly travel in to or around. The track does not reveal where the ride starts or ends, yet the carts could originate from the inside of the sphere since there is an opening where the tracks extend out of it. This could also be the destination where the ride ends.


This park is shown as one of Pearl's guesses on the destination SpongeBob and the Krabs family are traveling to, yet Mr. Krabs passes by and claims the place they are traveling to is "a hundred times better" than this park.