Pint Bottom was a version of Bikini Bottom that was themed around ice cream. It was found inside the Tub of Vanilla Ice Cream and it only appeared in the comicstrip CreamBob ConePants.

Known inhabitants

Known locations

  • CreamBob's house
  • Popsic's house
  • Sherbet's house
  • Goober Lagoon


It was a ice cream-themed version of Bikini Bottom, with ice cream-themed versions of the main characters. The inhabitants and most objects were edible. It was found inside the Tub of Vanilla Ice Cream.


When SpongeBob and Patrick entered the Tub of Vanilla Ice Cream, they stumbled upon Pint Bottom, where they met CreamBob ConePants. He gave SpongeBob and Patrick a tour, and introduced them to his friends.

SpongeBob and Patrick became hungry, and CreamBob offered them an ice cream cake and an ice cream sandwich, before telling them to check the ice cream truck. SpongeBob and Patrick quickly devoured the ice cream truck, before quickly devouring Pint Bottom and all its inhabitants.

Locations (VE)


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Bikini Bottom Residence

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