Pink Patty is an alter-ego of Patrick who only appears in the episode "Krusty Krushers." He is in a tag team alongside Short Order Boy, SpongeBob's wrestling alter-ego.


Pink Patty retains most of Patrick's appearance, and wears a light purple headband and a black wrestling leotard.

Role in the episode

Pink Patty, along with Short Order Boy, are entered in a wrestling match with Jim and the Purple wrestler by Mr. Krabs in order to win the prize which contains one million dollars. Pink Patty and Short Order Boy did not want to wrestle at first but are eventually convinced back into doing it by Mr. Krabs. For the majority of the match, Jim and the Purple Wrestler dominate the duo including shoving them into a bucket and punching them. Pink Patty and Short Order Boy are soon put into a sleeper hold and are left wide open for the champion's tag team finisher, the Flying Double Decker Atomic Headbutt of Destruction. When all hope seems lost, Pink Patty, in his sleep, gets up and reveals his Iron Butt and the champions dive right into it shattering them into pieces. Pink Patty and Short Order Boy win the match and get to decide between the one million dollars or Wrestle Camp. They end up choosing Wrestle Camp much to the disdain of Mr. Krabs.

Shower In A Can!
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