Pink-Tuft Finger Stinger
Pink tuft finger stinger
Residence: Cave in Jellyfish Fields
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Pink
Classification: Jellyfish
Series information
Appearance: Split Decision
List of characters

The Pink-Tuft Finger Stinger is a jellyfish that appears in the comic Split Decision.


She is a giant pink jellyfish that has a pink hair on the top of her head.


Like all Pink-Tuft Finger Stingers, she is very shy.


SpongeBob SquarePants has been preparing for the day that he would see the once a year event to watch her leave her cave. However, he gets a call from Mr. Krabs to come to work. SpongeBob cannot decide which is more important to him, so he splits himself into two. His right side goes to Jellyfish fields. When he gets there, He looks at his Jellyfishing book. The book says that the Pink-Tuft Finger Stinger is rare. When SpongeBob gets to her cave, he tries to call for it. After six hours, she still does not leave. He then consults the book. The book says that Pink-Tuft Finger Stinger is also known as, "The Shy Lady of the Sea." SpongeBob is about to sit and wait, but she leaves her cave. He notices her and manages to catch her. However, he has to let her go as a police officer tells SpongeBob that she is a baby. SpongeBob then says goodbye to the Jellyfish.

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