Picture it! is the first comic in SpongeBob Comics #2.



The story starts at Mrs. Puff's Boating School. SpongeBob is practicing for his boating exam, which is the next day. SpongeBob realizes that he will not be able to pass his boating exam, which means he will have to come to boating school the next year.

Mrs. Puff focuses on the fact that he will never pass his boating exam. She also realized that he will be their for several years. She yells and SpongeBob says, "See you tomorrow, Mrs. Puff." She says that there has to be a way for SpongeBob to remember to step on the brake, turn the key, put the car in drive, and press the gas. SpongeBob says that it sounds so simple when she says it. Mrs. Puff says that it is. She tells SpongeBob to remember, "Brake", "Key", "Drive", and "Gas" by picturing it. SpongeBob tries to do it and he succeeds.

SpongeBob leaves and Mrs. Puff tells SpongeBob to continue to picture it, so that he can pass it. When SpongeBob is gone, Mrs. Puff falls backwards and says, "..and I'll never have to drive with you again."

That night, at SpongeBob's Pineapple, SpongeBob says that he will watch the picture in his head all night. Gary meows and SpongeBob agrees that it is kind of like a TV. SpongeBob goes to sleep and dreams of himself watching a Giant TV with four images: His leg pushing the brake pedal, a key, his hand putting the shift in drive, and his leg pushing the drive pedal.

Dream SpongeBob repeats: "Brake, Key, Drive, Gas" until he gets board and changes the channel. The first channel is a channel that has and image of a rake, a leg with emphasis on the knee, a fish diving, and a sail with it's sails up. The second channel has a snow flake, a "3", and tide on a beach, and a bass wearing yellow shorts. The third channel has a cake, a cup of tea, a clam hiding, and a splash in the water.

Dream SpongeBob starts to click through different channels. Either Dream SpongeBob or actual SpongeBob says the different things on different channels.

The next morning at Mrs. Puff's Boating School, SpongeBob runs in. Mrs. Puff asks SpongeBob if he has been picturing the for things for the driver's test. SpongeBob says that he has been doing it all night. SpongeBob looks unrested.

SpongeBob says, "Cake, Tree, Dive, Trash!" Mrs. Puff says that what he said was not right. SpongeBob then says, "Date, Flea, Mind, Rats". Mrs. Puff tells SpongeBob that it is actually "Brake, Key, Drive, Gas". SpongeBob does not seem to be listening as he then says, "Fake, need, glide, pass" and then, "Quake, Seed, Fried, Sash" and then, "Take, Steed, Pride, Flash". Mrs. Puff tries to tell SpongeBob, but he interrupts her and says that he has it. He then says that the first thing he has to do is shake. He then shakes his body. Mrs. Puff tries to tell him that he is wrong, but he is not listening.

SpongeBob says that the next thing he has to do is to speed. He speeds up He then says that he has to slide. He then makes the boat slide. He then crashes into the lighthouse, which smashes into the boating school because he thinks that the last thing he has to do is crash. He then asks Mrs. Puff if he passed, but she is thinking about the fact that SpongeBob will be their forever.



  • The lighthouse crashes into the school from behind. However, the lighthouse is next to the school, not behind it.