Online game

Pian-Oh-No! is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. It is based on "Single Cell Anniversary."


In this game, Plankton plays a song on the piano for his computer wife Karen. The player can move Plankton left and right by pointing the cursor at the piano keys. The player must guide Plankton to the correct key (flashed in red) and play it by clicking on it to earn points. Getting keys right consecutively increases point gain. If Plankton plays the wrong key or gets squashed by a human finger, the point gain is reset to its base. Also, there is a time limit for each key. Running out of time, playing too many keys incorrectly, or getting squashed by a human finger too many results in a game over.

There is also a bonus in which Plankton must run over the keys in a certain amount of time to earn lots of points. Higher levels have more human fingers and higher base point gain.