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The piright ponderer
The Pi-Right Ponderer
Pi-Right Ponderer is a member of the original I.J.L.S.A.. He was a member, before the Quickster. He is known for advice, and wisdom, and the wisdom apparently comes from a hairnet that he wears. He is a normal human, but he has a huge, shiny, bald head due to knowledge. He only appears in the episode The Bad Guy Club for Villains. He is not seen, or mentioned in the episode Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy V.


  • Pi-Right Ponderer is a parody of the Silver Surfer.
  • Part of his name comes from "Pyrite"(but is spelled "Pi-Right" in his name), which is a mineral that looks like gold. This is used to describe the color of his skin.
  • In his first and only appearance "The Bad Guy Club for Villains", he was replaced by the Quickster in IJLSA.
  • His name is sort of ironic considering he's smart and wise and Pyrite (more specifically Iron Pyrite) is called "Fools Gold".
  • In Mermaid Man Begins, he appears as one of the action figures that SpongeBob has.
  • Pi-Right Ponderer slightly resembles the Watcher.
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