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Director in Picture Day 1

The Photographer is obviously a photographer. So far, he has appeared in Picture Day,Model Sponge, Squidward in Clarinetland, and What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?. He takes all the pictures of the people in boating school, but in Model Sponge, he is a director.


The Photographer is a green fish with a red jumper and a white shirt under the jumper, and also a purple tie. With it, he also has gray hair.


He seems to be impatient and strict. To help people smile he puts a giant set of false teeth in their mouth which makes them do the biggest smile ever. This is called Pearlie and was used on SpongeBob because he was crying. This is because he got peanut butter all over him. In Model Sponge, his strict nature returns. He is either Polish or German or Austrian. The Photographer is almost certainly a reference to the "Be a Man" scene from the B-movie Julien Donkey Boy where the father sprays the son with a hose and tells him to "quit that moody brooding" and that "a winner doesn't shiver" in an Austrian-like accent. Much like the photographer spraying down SpongeBob and telling him to "quit that moody brooding" and that "a winner doesn't schnivel" in a similar accent.

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