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Pet rocks are rocks that Patrick, Squidward, and SpongeBob adopted or treated as pets. They appear in the episodes "The Great Snail Race," "Once Bitten," "Sentimental Sponge," and "The Googly Artiste."


Patrick's googly pet rock

Patrick's googly pet rock appears in the episode "The Googly Artiste." He made it using lots of googly eyes and used glue to stick them on the rock. He sold them off as art.

Squidward's pet rocks

The episode "Once Bitten" reveals that Squidward has a pet rock collection, which Gary covers in slime. They were rocks that had eyes. They also were in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

SpongeBob's pet rocks

In the episode "The Googly Artiste," SpongeBob creates a googly-eyed pet rock as a guide for Patrick to make one for himself.


Rocky is a pet rock owned by Patrick, which he obviously enters in the snail race in the episode "The Great Snail Race," thinking it to be a snail.


Pete is a pet rock given to Patrick by SpongeBob in the episode "Sentimental Sponge." SpongeBob plans on throwing it away until Patrick informs him of the sentimental value of it.


  • Based on the events of "The Great Snail Race," it is quite possible that some of the rocks in Bikini Bottom could actually be alive, since Patrick's pet rock, Rocky, is able to win the race by crossing the finish line without assistance.