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Transcript Information
Pet or Pests
Season №: 6
Episode №: 118a
Airdate: March 18, 2009
Previous: "Professor Squidward"
Next: "Komputer Overload"
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This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Pet or Pests" from season six, which aired on March 18, 2009.

  • Patrick: Okay SpongeBob! It's your turn! I'm ready!
  • SpongeBob: Okay Patrick! Here I come! (runs and leaps over Patrick)
  • Patrick: Nice landing! (rolls, leaps and lands on his head and hands) Darn, I missed! SpongeBob, look out for my body! (they both fall off a mountain and land on a nest.)
  • SpongeBob: Patrick, maybe we should play something that involves less thinking.
  • Patrick: Okay.
  • SpongeBob: Hey! Maybe we can play a game with this ball that was buried under here!
  • Patrick: Ball! Let me see it! (a ball turns itself into a worm) What a weird ball.
  • SpongeBob: Well, who knows how long it ... AH! Mother of Neptune! Get away from me! Get away from me!
  • Patrick: There's nothing to be afraid of SpongeBob. It's just a little worm. See?
  • SpongeBob: You're right, Patrick. I'm sorry we destroyed your nest little worm. I promise it won't happen again. (the worm rubs its head on SpongeBob's hand.) Look Patrick!
  • Patrick: Looks like he's taking a fancy to you.
  • SpongeBob: Yeah. Hey! Why don't we invite Mr. Wormsley to stay at my place? At least until his nest grows back.
  • Patrick: That sounds delightful! (cuts to scene where SpongeBob and Patrick arrive at SpongeBob's place.)
  • SpongeBob: Gary! (knocks the door) Make yourself descent. (laughs) You have a visitor. (Gary went to sleep, then wakes up.) Gary, wake up (opens the door, whispered) Patrick, just bring in here, careful now, that's right.
  • Gary: Meow.
  • SpongeBob: Oh hi Gary, are you ready to meet your new friend.
  • Gary: Meow?
  • SpongeBob: That's right, say hello to Mr. Wormsley (shows Mr. Wormsely, then Gary hissed at him and Mr. Wormsley barks at him, they start to growl at each other.)
  • Patrick: Something tells me they don't like each other
  • SpongeBob: Come on little guys, let's take five and be friendly now. See just say hi. That'ts it, that's it And there you go. See friends. (Gary attacks SpongeBob.) Oh my goodness! Patrick please do something. Aaaaaaaaaahhh.......
  • Patrick: SpongeBob, I gotta get going. See you later now.
  • SpongeBob: Okay Patrick see you later then. (SpongeBob trips at Mr. Wormsely.) Aaaaaaaahhhh......
    • (Cut to the scene tonight)
  • SpongeBob: All right Gary, so there isn't more upset, you're going to sleep at the guest newspaper tonight, while Mr. Wormsley is sleeping herewith me.(Gary growls at Mr. Wormsely. SpongeBob picks him up.) Now, now Gary don't be rude. ( SpongeBob opens the door. And turns on the lights.) See I set it all nice just for you.There you are.(SpongeBob leaves.) Good night Gary. (SpongeBob closes the door.)
  • Gary: Meow
    • (Cut to the scene next morning.)
  • SpongeBob: (SpongeBob is seen sleeping. Waking up because of some howling.) Must have been Patrick is doing his night fits again. Okay I'll just close the window. (Still hears some howling.) Mr. Wormsley! (SpongeBob takes off the newspaper revealing him mourning, and a big belly, meaning he's giving birth.) Woaaaaahh! I'll just call for help. What ever you do don't move.
    • (Cut to the scene later with Patrick.)
  • SpongeBob: He's in here.(Patrick enters the door.) Oh! I can't watch
  • Patrick: SpongeBob, something tells me that Mr. Wormsley is actually a Mrs. Wormsley. (shows baby worms)
  • SpongeBob: Oh! Patrick its a miracle.
  • Patrick: That it is.
  • SpongeBob: Wait 'till Gary sees.
  • Patrick: Yeah! wait 'till.
  • SpongeBob: Here Gary right in here.They're gone asleep.
    • (Mrs. Wormley and Gary growling each other. Gary and Mrs. Wormsley fighting. Until outside of conch street.)
  • Gary: Meow, Meow, Meow.
  • (Mrs. Wormsley now riding a bus.)
  • SpongeBob: He's chased her away! Now who will care for her abandoned newborn infants?
  • Patrick: Maybe you could take care of them.
  • SpongeBob: I dunno Patrick;  I've never seen Gary that upset.  I guess we'll just have to find homes for each and every one of them.  Right, Pat? Patrick? (Patrick is gone)
  • (cuts to SpongeBob at Squidward's house)
  • Squidward: (opens door)(yawning) SpongeBob? Don't you know that its 7:00 in the morning?
  • SpongeBob: How would you like to have your very own pet baby worms?
  • Squidward: Don't you know that its 7:00 in the—huh?
  • SpongeBob: Baby worms.
  • Squidward: (glances into the box holding the worms.)(one oozes green glistening slime on Squidward's face)
  • SpongeBob: So, How many did you want? (Squidward shuts the door in SpongeBob's face) (cut to Mrs Puff's house)
  • Mrs Puff: Yes? Oh

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