The Pet Store is a store where pets are sold. It first appears in the episode "Gary in Love." Harold "Bill" Reginald is the only known employee. Mable and Mary go to this store to buy things.



The store sells many pets who are seen in the series.


The outside walls of the Pet Store are purple. On the top of the store there is a sign painted red which reads "Pet Store" in blue letters.



Interior view

Inside the store, the walls are made out of green metal and there is a wooden floor. There are animal toys placed in a lot of areas.


"Gary in Love"

Gary hides in here to keep low and from Mary's ex-boyfriend and his gang. They do come and trash the place, however, instead of finding Gary, Mary's ex-boyfriend finds a bullworm which then begins to beat him up. Gary uses this distraction to get out of the Pet Store, also going by Harold, who tells him that he must stay behind and help him clean the store.


There are many pet stores that appear in this episode, but the one in Bikini Bottom returns. Once again, Harold is the employee and he is wearing different clothes. The exterior of the building has changed from purple to green as if the building has been remodeled since "Gary in Love."

"Gary's New Toy"

SpongeBob takes Gary here to buy him a new chew toy. The two encounter Patrick, who eats numerous food from the store without paying. Patrick suggests that SpongeBob get Gary a Pet Point 3000, though changes his mind once the toy's laser beams through his head.

SpongeBob ends up getting a red ball for Gary.

Associated characters

  • Gary the Snail
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - Customer
  • Patrick Star - Customer (possibly)
  • Harold "Bill" Reginald - Cashier
  • Mary's ex-boyfriend



  • The pet store seen throughout the series seems to get bigger with each appearance. The inventory changes as well.

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