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Pet Rocks are rocks that Patrick, Squidward, and SpongeBob adopted or treated as pets.

Patrick's Pet Rocks


Patrick's Googly Pet Rock

Patrick's Googly Pet Rock is seen in the episode The Googly Artiste. Patrick made it with a lot of messy, googly eyes and glue, and sold them as art.

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Main article: Rocky

Rocky is a rock which Patrick mistook for a snail. Patrick entered Rocky in a snail race competing against SpongeBob's pet snail Gary and Squidward's pet snail Snellie. This rock actually won the Snail Race in the episode The Great Snail Race. Rocky appears to be the only pet rock that has "life."

Googly pete
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Main article: Pete

Pete is a rock with googly eyes and a mouth that was given to SpongeBob by Patrick. SpongeBob was going to throw it away until Patrick taught him about sentimental value in the episode Sentimental Sponge.

Squidward's Pet Rocks

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In the episode, Once Bitten, it is revealed that Squidward has a pet rock collection, which was slimed by Gary in the same episode. They were rocks that have two eyes.

SpongeBob's Pet Rocks

Spongebob Googly Pet
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In the episode, The Googly Artiste, SpongeBob creates a googly-eyed pet rock for Patrick to model after him.

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