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Perfume Shoppe

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Perfume Shoppe
Industry: Perfume store
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Products: Perfume
First appearance: "No Nose Knows"
Latest appearance: SpongeBob Moves In!
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The Perfume Shoppe is a location in Bikini Bottom.


According to SpongeBob Moves In!, the place looks like a stereotypical tall fancy perfume bottle. It is also pink and the sign is golden yellow with dark pink letters that reads "Perfume Shoppe". 


Its first appearance is in the episode "No Nose Knows."

It also appears in the game SpongeBob Moves In!. You can see the shop where Patrick flies through Bikini Bottom with his new nose and smells wonderful scents, and also the perfume in this shop. In this scene you can see that there is a blue fish comes out of the shop with a bag. This blue fish is guessed to be Evelyn.

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