Unreal Estate 048
Owner: Squidward Tentacles (bought it)
Type: Seasoning
Appearance: "Unreal Estate"
List of objects

Pepper is a brand of pepper seasoning that appears in the episode "Unreal Estate."


It comes in a silver can with a blackish-gray label that depicts an illustration of pepper within a white square centered in an orange border. Above this, the product's name is transcribed in yellowish-orange letters. The top of the can has omission holes for one to season their food with when it is turned upside down.

Role in the episode

After being sprayed by a hose by him, Squidward has had it with SpongeBob's antics and is desperate for him to move away. As a result, he convinces him that he's allergic to his own house, though SpongeBob doubts this and goes back inside.

Later at night, Squidward breaks into SpongeBob's room while he's sleeping and proceeds to clog his foghorn alarm clock with this pepper. The following morning, SpongeBob wakes up to his alarm clock omitting the smell of pepper and starts to agree with Squidward that he is indeed allergic to his own house.

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