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Pecos Patrick Star was a paternal ancestor of Patrick Star and Gary the Snail and SpongeBuck SquarePants' idiot friend. Pecos Patrick was being picked on by Dead Eye Plankton by having his pants pulled down. Pecos Patrick first appeared in the episode "Pest of the West." Pecos is always there for SpongeBuck and the two become best friends. He also loved to Spurskate, the latest Bikini Gulch craze.

Pecos, like his current descendant Patrick Star, didn't like to give up, and never did give up, telling SpongeBuck to go save the town.


Pecos Patrick is first seen in the special, "Pest of the West." He is first spotted when SpongeBuck attempts to saw his "stallion", a wooden coffin. He encourages SpongeBuck that it is not the end and that he can still defeat Dead Eye Plankton if he believes in himself. He befriends SpongeBuck, calling him his "idiot friend".


Pecos Patrick is a sea star. He is very similar to Patrick but he wears western style overalls and has a single tooth to the side. He also sports a cowboy hat on the top of his pointed head. His complexion is pink, much like his descendant.


Pecos is much like his ancestral descendant, Patrick Star. He is not the brightest, and is constantly causing his friend, SpongeBuck, to try and get himself into dire or even fatal situations. However, despite his neurological deficiency, he still has a never-say-die attitude and approaches situations with caution and never likes to give up.


  • Pecos Patrick's name is a parody of the famous western folk tale, "Pecos Bill."

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