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-Not to be confused with Pearl Krabs
Pearl Plankton
Pearl (Mr. Plankton) small
General information
Education: Bikini Bottom High school student
Physical appearance
Color: Grey
Eye color: Blue
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  Pearl Plankton is Plankton's daughter in the Mr. Plankton alternate universe. She only appeared on The Algae's Always Greener. She looks very similar to Pearl Krabs.


Pearl was first seen wanting an advance on her allowance from Plankton. Like everybody else in her universe, Pearl mistook him for her real father. She asked him for allowance but he only gave her $1.00. She then cried. Shortly afterwards, she tried to run away and commit suicide. She saw Plankton not able to control the Krusty Krab and decided to abandon him. She was distracted from her plan when Mr. Krabs invaded the KK and said that " he (Mr. Krabs) is the scurviest of all the sea dogs" and when he was vanquished, joined in the victory screech and hasn't been seen since.


Pearl is seen wearing a short pink cheerleader dress, with a P stitched into it which stands for Pearl. She also sports short white boots, with heels. She has smooth gray skin and is huge. When she cries everyone covers themselves. She has a red heart lipstick on her nose that turns into lips when she kisses, and she has blonde hair pulled into a ponytail with a pink clip. She has blue eyes and three eyelashes on each eye.

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