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It's SpongeBob NudeyPants!
— Pearl, Hooky
Pearl Krabs II

Pearl Krabs

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071a - Whale of a Birthday 200

Tunnel Of Glove 2



Residence: 3451 Anchor Way, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Interests: Shopping
hanging out with friends
talking on the phone
being "coral"
The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy[1]
Occupation(s): Krusty Krab Manager (Temporary) assistant at Grandma's Apron
Education: Bikini Bottom High School
Aliases: Amy (in the Krusty Krab commercial), Pearly
Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Gray
Eye color: Blue
Classification: Sperm Whale
Part Crab
Parents: Eugene H. Krabs (Father)
Mrs. Krabs (Mother)
Grandparents: Betsy Krabs (Grandmother)
Victor Krabs (Grandfather)
Grandpa Redbeard (Great Grandfather)
Unnamed Great Grandmother
Aunts: Unknown Aunt
Sally Krabs (great grandaunt)
Cousins: 3 Unnamed Cousins
Ancestors: Princess Pearl
King Krabs
Prehistoric Krabs
William Krabs
Friends: Nancy
Octavius Rex (ex-boyfriend)
SpongeBob SquarePants
Sandy Cheeks
Debbie Rechid
Patrick Star
Pet(s): Mr. Doodles
Enemies: Eugene H. Krabs (When he is too cheap)
Bubble Buddy (washed her flipper)
Squidward Tentacles (She likes teasing him)
SpongeBob (when he acts like Mr. Krabs)
Series information
First appearance: "Squeaky Boots"
Latest appearance: "Bulletin Board"
Portrayer: Lori Alan
List of characters

Pearl Krabs II[2] is the daughter of Mr. Krabs.

She is a recurring character in the series who was most notably seen in the episodes, "Bossy Boots," "The Chaperone," "Whale of a Birthday," and "Mall Girl Pearl." She is a sperm whale, which means her mother was most likely a whale. She is revealed to be 16 in the episode "Whale of a Birthday."

She seems to dislike Mr. Krabs when he is acting cheap towards her. She is almost the complete opposite of her father when concerning money. She has spent great amounts of Mr. Krabs' money in the past on superfluous things, and has admitted to maxing out his credit cards trying to buy shoes.

Despite her cheap father, she acts very bratty and spoiled often trying to control her father into getting her whatever she wants. She also cries whenever something goes wrong or she doesn't get what she wants. The irony is that usually children act like this when their parents spoil them which Krabs does the exact opposite of.

In "Selling Out," Pearl can be seen as a baby in a scrapbook. Mr. Krabs was holding her in the picture: It's possible he could have taken it. In another photo, she can be seen riding a bike with the guidance of Mr. Krabs.




Pearl is seen wearing a short pink cheerleader dress, with a P stitched into it which stands for Pearl. She also sports short, white, heeled boots. She has smooth gray skin and is huge. When she cries everyone covers themselves. She has a red heart lipstick on her nose that turns into lips when she kisses, and she has blonde hair pulled into a ponytail with a pink clip. She has blue eyes and three eyelashes on each eye.


This section contains speculative information. This information has not been confirmed. Please keep this in mind.

SpongeBob SquarePants

In the past, Pearl seemed to like him so much due to "The Chaperone," their relationship grew stronger, however in "The Slumber Party," she showed a strong dislike for SpongeBob, possibly because she thinks that he is helping Mr. Krabs. However, in some episodes, they had a like/hate relationship, Some fans think this is love between SpongeBob and Pearl, but that's highly unlikely since Pearl is only 16. However, her age is debatable due to multiple mentions of her birthday during the show.

Patrick Star

Patrick ate one of Pearl's Krabby Patties in "Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle," but he doesn't like them as much as SpongeBob's. In the episode Tunnel of Glove, he tried to get SpongeBob and Pearl out of the Tunnel of Glove, which they were stuck in. Pearl might know Patrick, or might not know him hardly at all.

Sandy Cheeks

Pearl and Sandy never interacted to each other officially but the only time seen so far was in Bubble Troubles when Pearl helped Sandy by giving air to her air helmet and said that mammals need to stick together. And at the start of the episode "Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation" though it was just a brief cameo, Sandy was seen sitting directly in front of Pearl while Mr. Krabs was getting everyone (except Squidward) excited about the story of the vacation trip. Fans think they are rival love interests of SpongeBob. In "Texas," she was one of the townspeople who wanted Sandy to stay in Bikini Bottom. She and the rest cheering for Sandy that she decides to stay in Bikini Bottom. They are most likely only friends.

Mr. Krabs

Mr. Krabs is Pearl's father. Almost every episode Pearl appears in, Mr. Krabs is in too. Pearl loves her father very much but gets angry when he is cheap. Mr. Krabs loves Pearl very much too. It is possible that she is adopted or that Mr Krabs' wife was a whale.

Squidward Tentacles

Squidward and Pearl have an awkward relationship. In The Chaperone, Pearl refuses to go out with him to her prom. And in Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle, he called her a 'drama queen', they were sunbathing while SpongeBob's Patty meter was empty. Pearl thinks that Squidward is such a "barnacle".

Friends in Bikini Bottom High

Pearl and her friends were best friends, in "The Chaperone," they didn't laugh at Pearl that SpongeBob is her prom date, then in Tunnel of Glove, they teased and humiliated Pearl that SpongeBob is her boyfriend, then they told the whole TV broadcast that Pearl and SpongeBob are dating. Then at "Drive Thru," Pearl had new friends. It is possible she got new friends because her old friends made fun of her.

Betsy Krabs

Although Pearl has been seen with her father many times throughout the series, Pearl has never been seen onscreen with her grandmother, Betsy Krabs, unless you count Mr. Krabs' thought of his funeral in "Lame and Fortune "


  • "Oh, actually it was really funny when that hot dog landed in Judy's hair!" (The Chaperone)
  • "SpongeBob! What are you doing?!" (The Chaperone)
  • "Totally rude, SpongeBob!" (Bossy Boots)
  • "Back off, pizza topping! Can't you see I'm doing The Sponge?!" (The Chaperone)
  • "I know it's you, SpongeBob SquarePants! Get him, girls!" (The Slumber Party)
  • "But I am having a good time..." (The Chaperone)
  • "Yay! My first prom picture!" (The Chaperone)
  • "Come on, SpongeBob." (The Chaperone)
  • "Yes, you can still wear the wig..." (The Chaperone)
  • "Jenny? It's Pearl. Coral is definitely out!" (Mid-Life Crustacean)
  • "Oh, Dad! You're embarrassing me again!" (Scaredy Pants)
  • "Daddy, you've ruined every one of my birthdays!" (Whale of a Birthday)
  • (happy) "Wheee!! You shouldn't have!" (angrily) "I mean, Dad, you really shouldn't have." (Squeaky Boots)
  • "Teenage Boy Museum!" (Mr. Krabs Takes a Vacation)
  • "Get a job! Get a hobby, or get some friends because I can't take it anymore!" (Selling Out)
  • "No, remove the bun, the patty and the condiments!" (Bossy Boots)
  • "You know, we still haven't had our dance yet.." (The Chaperone)
  • "Barnacles. SpongeBob, why are you talking to me?" (Tunnel of Glove)
  • "Hold me, SpongeBob!" (Tunnel of Glove)
  • "Don't worry, SpongeBob. You didn't mess everything up..." (The Chaperone)
  • "Get down! It's my ex-boyfriend, Octavius Rex...a.k.a. Long, Tan, and Handsome!" (The Chaperone)
  • "I don't know, SpongeBob, the school dance is right around the corner and this barnacle seems to be getting bigger by the minute!" (Barnacle Face)
  • "Daddy!" (Barnacle Face)
  • "I don't know, SpongeBob, what will my friends say?" (Barnacle Face)
  • "Oh, don't worry SpongeBob, I knew it would be a total disaster all along but as far as disasters go, that was really fun." (The Chaperone)
  • "It's SpongeBob NudeyPants." (Hooky)
  • "Daddy! I'm borrowing your wallet! Line dancing? Ewww, that is so lame. What they need is my way cool cheer routine." (Tentacle-Vision)
  • "Dad you've ruined me!" (Squeaky Boots)


  • Pearl and Sandy are the only major characters who are mammals.
  • Currently, she has only appeared in one episode ("Tunnel of Glove") without Mr. Krabs.
  • She becomes more spoiled and rude in later episodes, possibly due to the cheapness of her father. In the episode "Selling Out," she was extremely rude to Mr. Krabs for wanting to spend time with her even though he did nothing wrong. In Welcome to the Bikini Bottom Triangle, she demands to go to the mall, even though she should be concerned that she's trapped in a deserted island. 
  • Since Pearl is a whale, and mammals have lungs, she needs air to breathe. It is revealed in "Bubble Troubles" that she holds air in her nose in order to breathe when underwater.
  • Pearl celebrated her birthday twice in episodes, first time in "Squeaky Boots," then a second time in "Whale of a Birthday".
  • Pearl and Sluggo are the only characters to be a different species to their parents.
  • Stephen Hillenburg is against revealing who Pearl's mother is so has kept it a secret throughout the series.
  • On the Krabs family tree, it is revealed that Pearl is an only child.



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