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The Pay Phone is a pay phone that is featured in the episodes, "Party Pooper Pants," "Spongicus," and "Lost in Bikini Bottom."


Party Pooper Pants

The pay phone is a rectangular solid, with a phone and a keypad, with a shell on the top stating that it is a payphone. The coin slot is in the bottom right corner.


The pay phone is a different type made out of metal which is surrounded by a layer of metal. It includes an attached phone with a rotary dial, a coin slot to insert the coins, and a clam at the top.

Lost in Bikini Bottom

The pay phone has the same appearance as the one in Party Pooper Pants. Except some of the colors have changed, and the coin slot is in the top right corner.


Party Pooper Pants

The pay phone is used by SpongeBob to call Patrick to let him back into SpongeBob's house, where he got locked out.


When SpongeBob is cleaning windows at the Krusty Krab he sees Plankton in using a wrecking ball, SpongeBob thinks Plankton is going to hit the Krusty Krab, then SpongeBob goes to the Pay Phone, (which is inside the Krusty Krab) then calls Mr. Krabs, and tells him about it, Mr. Krabs then tells him, "Please deposit 25 cents to continue this call," SpongeBob puts in twenty five cents then warns Mr. Krabs about Plankton.

Lost in Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob finds a pay phone and calls Squidward and asks what he should do. The phone operator says that he needs to put in one dime to continue his call with Squidward. He spots an abandoned sofa and then sees three fish sitting on the sofa. SpongeBob puts his hand in the sofa and finds two nickels instead of one dime. He isn't able to continue his call, as a petty cab driver, Scott, drives him to a restaurant.

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