Pavlovi's Ice Cream

The fishbowl 05


Type: Ice cream truck
Appearance: "The Fish Bowl"
List of objects

Pavlovi's Ice Cream is a ice cream truck ran by Sandy Cheeks in the episode "The Fish Bowl."


The exterior of the ice cream truck features a window to the side used for ordering ice cream. The door is green in color and there is a large cut-out of an ice cream at the top.

Role in the episode

Sandy used the Pavlovi's Ice Cream truck as part of her experiment on SpongeBob and Patrick. She put the same amount of ice cream in two different bowls and then disguised herself with a mustache and gave out free ice cream for a day only. SpongeBob and Patrick were given their free ice cream but Squidward wasn't lucky enough to get one as Sandy violently slams the window shut on Squidward's nose and hand.

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