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Patty Wagon
The Wagon
Type: Vehicle
First appearance: The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
Latest appearance: The SpongeBob Movie Game: Sponge on the Run
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The Patty Wagon is a vehicle that is shaped like a Krabby Patty, and it is shown to be built with layers of ingredients like a real Krabby Patty. It is said by SpongeBob that Mr. Krabs uses it for promotional reasons. 


The Patty Wagon appeared in The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie, where SpongeBob and Patrick rode it to Shell City. It was stolen as they crossed the county line. It was then brought to the Thug Tug (a rough biker bar), in which SpongeBob and Patrick were able to get it back. They then rode it through the abyss. After they landed on the road after a jump while dodging the fake ice-cream vendor, they were separated from the Patty Wagon, which was then eaten by a fish, which was then eaten by a larger fish. It was presumed to be lost and destroyed.


Almost every part of the car is designed to be food or food-related. The car has:

  • Sesame Seed surface finish.
  • Grilled Leather Interior
  • Radial Pickles (also called "Steel-belted")
  • Fuel-injected deep fryer with dual overhead grease traps.
  • Soda-shaped stickshift.
  • Fork-shaped gas pedal.
  • Spoon-shaped brakes.
  • Spatula-shaped ignition key.
  • Krusty Krab Sponsored Flag
  • Vehicle Registration Plate that reads, "2-GO."


3833 alt4

Lego Patty Wagon

  • Both Patrick and SpongeBob know how to drive the Patty Wagon.
  • The Patty Wagon was eaten by a frogfish, but in the game, Mindy can get it back by having SpongeBob give her 50 G.G. Tokens, which means Mindy does have Mermaid Magic.
  • The plate on the Patty Wagon says "2-GO."
  • A Lego version of the Patty Wagon is featured in the Krusty Krab Adventures set.
  • According to SpongeBob, he doesn't need a license to drive it.
  • The ingredients on the Patty Wagon are not connected to each other (seen when SpongeBob and Patrick bashed the Wall of the KK2 and the ingredients/parts fall down to each other). It is unknown how the PW works.
  • It was revealed that the patty wagon has a manual transmission. SpongeBob is seen making an "S" like shifting maneuver, seemingly shifting from reverse to first. Also, while SpongeBob's driving away from the Thug Tug, we can see a 3rd pedal, most likely a clutch. Both these features are exclusive to manuals.
  • Also, the fact that it runs on fry oil probably means it's a diesel engine set-up. Likewise, diesel fuel isn't volatile enough to burn in a spark-ignition gasoline engine.
  • This is a particularly interesting joke on SpongeBob's driving skills; as he is able to drive a vehicle (that's not a boat) with a manual transmission (which takes significantly more coordination to drive) on city and country roads, while failing miserably driving an (presumably) automatic on a closed course.
  • It is likely all KK employees know the shift pattern by heart (there is roughly a dozen types of shift patterns on manual transmissions) as SpongeBob was able to (presumably) shift effortlessly, despite there being a customized shift knob. Patrick probably watched SpongeBob shift (enough to know where reverse and first gear are), as he was seen backing up and driving forward to save SpongeBob.
  • It's name is a pun on "Paddy Wagon."
  • Despite not appearing in the second movie, The Patty Wagon is a usable vehicle in The SpongeBob Movie Game: Sponge on the Run.
  • Northern Leisure Group made the ride out of the Patty Wagon featuring SpongeBob and Gary. The ride features sing-a-long lyrics in time with the theme tune and horn, bubble and dolphin sound effect buttons.

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