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Patty Pal is a Krusty Krab licensed toy. Its only appearance was in the episode Yours, Mine and Mine.
Patty pal


One day at the Krusty Krab, Patrick ordered a Krabby Kiddie Meal (a smaller Krabby Patty, but thirty percent cuter according to SpongeBob). Patrick complained because it didn't come with a toy and demanded a refund, alerting Mr. Krabs. So Mr. Krabs took a Krabby Patty and some straws, and created a Krusty Krab licensed toy. SpongeBob came up with the name 'Patty Pal'. SpongeBob and Patrick loved playing with the toy, so a whole shipment of Patty Pals were delivered to the Krusty Krab.


A Patty Pal toy is basically a Krabby Patty with pickles for eyes, a ketchup smile, and drinking straws for arms and legs. It is also edible, as Patrick is seen eating one so he doesn't have to share it with SpongeBob. A Patty Pal toy costs $13.50.


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