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Physical appearance
Gender: Female
Color: Dark brown
Eye color: Red
Classification: Krabby Patty
Friends: SpongeBob SquarePants (boyfriend)
Series information
Appearance: "To Love a Patty"
List of characters

Patty is a Krabby Patty made by SpongeBob in the episode "To Love a Patty." It is a female Krabby Patty SpongeBob falls in love with. SpongeBob never wants to eat her because he loves her. SpongeBob and Patty do lots of things together like dancing. SpongeBob also serenades her with "Oh Baby."


Patty is a meat patty with tomato eyes, lettuce hair, cheese clothes, and ears and ketchup dimples. Her nose is made of a pickle and her smile is a squirt of mustard. As the episode goes on, Patty becomes more deteriorated. Green stench comes out of it and Patty is looked to be squashed and off color. When SpongeBob is singing to her, she falls in the water, which makes her fall apart and start to smell bad. It becomes even more rotten by that night at the Krusty Krab, so SpongeBob eat her, which makes her go, and him sick.


Patty would originally be a tough fish's lunch, but SpongeBob does not want her to get eaten. SpongeBob gives him a Grilled Shoe Burger, and takes Patty home. Patty then has a makeover and hair-cleaning. Patty goes on an adventure with SpongeBob while the latter sings the song "Oh Baby" to her as they get attacked by hungry scallops and fall into the end of a waterfall. Unbeknowst to SpongeBob, Patty soon becomes disgusting, smelly, rotten, and is so terrible-looking that people run away from her. Then, SpongeBob realizes that he must eat Patty, which he does, and due to the repulsive condition of Patty towards her final days, asks Mr. Krabs for a doggie bag.


In "To Love a Patty," SpongeBob makes a Krabby Patty and falls in love with it. Thereafter, he decides to name it "Patty". He does a lot of things with her such as going to the beach and singing a song for her. SpongeBob never realizes that Patty had gotten rotten until the end when SpongeBob smells her.


Relationship with SpongeBob

While SpongeBob is in love with her, she does not really have any feelings for SpongeBob since she is a sandwich and is thus insentient. SpongeBob is very much in love with her until it is found out that Patty rotted while SpongeBob is at the Krusty Krab. After Mr. Krabs tells him about the true purpose of Krabby Patties, SpongeBob then eats her and asks for a barf bag after doing so.

Relationship with everyone else

While SpongeBob falls in love with Patty, everyone else knows that she is just a Krabby Patty and are therefore unfond of SpongeBob's love with her.


  • Patty is seen on the DVD cover of To Love a Patty dancing with SpongeBob, even though he is holding it.
  • Another person/thing that is treated like a character that is made of Krabby Patty meat is Krabby Patty Patrick.
  • Her rotten version is similar to the rotten Krabby Patty in "The Algae's Always Greener."
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