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Patrick-Sandy Relationship

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Sandy and Patrick have a strange relationship, some fans believe Patrick has a crush on Sandy. People have done many videos fighting over who Sandy should be with (SpongeBob or Patrick). They tend to get violent with each other sometimes.


Patrick SmartPants

Sandy and Patrick are laughing together. Patrick describes her of being impaired and Sandy shouts that she liked him better as a barnacle head.

Times they have fought


They fought over whether SpongeBob should go to the doctor or not.


Patrick makes fun of Sandy's state of Texas and the people who live there, making Sandy mad.

I Had an Accident

Sandy calls Patrick stupid and punches Patrick on the head when he shows her what crazy talk is.

Survival of the Idiots

Sandy beats up SpongeBob and Patrick as Dirty Dan and Pinhead Larry when they interrupt her sleep, however she is somewhat incoherent.

Band Geeks

Patrick kicks Sandy, and Sandy shoves a trombone on his head.


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