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This article is about the interaction between Patrick and Mr. Krabs.

No Hat for Pat4


Patrick, in his esteem of eating, likes to eat Krabby Patties, which in several cases, benefits Mr. Krabs. Patrick is one the Krusty Krab's number-one customers from such cases. However, there have been episodes where Mr. Krabs is intolerant of Patrick's stupidity, as well as those where he tries to take advantage of him. Overall though, despite this, Patrick considers Mr. Krabs as one of his friends.

Episodes as friends

  • "Sandy, SpongeBob, and the Worm:" Krabs asks Patrick about his idea (moving Bikini Bottom somewhere else from the Alaskan Bull Worm). The idea gets them crushed by the falling worm.
  • "One Krab's Trash:" SpongeBob and Patrick stumble upon Krabs' antique sale. Patrick checks upon the toilet plunger, but Mr. Krabs reassures him that it's a ladel. Patrick asks the cost, which Krabs tells him $5. Patrick pays him $7 and gets both the "ladel" and his underwear-attached lollipop.
  • "Bummer Vacation:" To save a dime, Mr. Krabs makes SpongeBob go on vacation and hires Patrick as his substitute. Patrick joyfully accepts to this and Krabs defends his post from SpongeBob every time the latter decides to go back to work.
  • "Money Talks:" As Krabs finishes his song, Patrick comes out of the bathroom, asking what he missed. Krabs then decides to sing again, much to the customers' annoyance.
  • "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?:" As they notice SpongeBob left Bikini Bottom, both show complete remorse for running him out of town and along with Sandy, they try to formulate a plan to get SpongeBob back and apologize to him.
  • "Chum Bucket Supreme:" As the Krusty Krab is back in business at the end of the episode, Mr. Krabs tells Patrick to keep up the good work.
  • "Truth or Square:" Mr. Krabs hires Patrick as a bouncer to celebrate the Krusty Krab's eleventy-seventy anniversary.
  • "Food Con Castaways:" At the beginning of the episode, Mr. Krabs calls Patrick "strong" and they also work together to prevent SpongeBob from eating their one Krabby Patty since Patrick ate all of their other ones. He eats it in the end, however.
  • "Spot Returns:" Patrick becomes Mr. Krabs' pet after being offered by SpongeBob.

Episodes as enemies

  • "Arrgh!:" After overhearing the two about shares when they find the Flying Dutchman's treasure, Mr. Krabs tells them that the treasure is all his. SpongeBob and Patrick reassure him that they found it together, demanding a share and they fight until they wake the Flying Dutchman. As the Dutchman rewarded them 2 gold dubloons, Krabs demands a reward too, receiving a plastic treasure chest.
  • "Hooky:" Even after Krabs tells them to never go on these hooks, Patrick had his fingers crossed and tells SpongeBob that Krabs is a big dummy, stating that playing on the hooks never got them injured and decide to continue. This gets him in a tuna can at the end of the episode.
  • "Sailor Mouth:" Upon hearing the two saying bad word #11, Krabs scolds them about it and tells them not to do it again, but once they end up doing so, Krabs punishes the pair by making them paint his mother's house from top to bottom. Unfortunately, after tripping his foot on a rock, he uses all 13 bad words. SpongeBob and Patrick then decide to snitch on Krabs to his mom, despite his pleas that she couldn't take that kind of pressure. Eventually, the pressure makes Mama Krabs faint, making Krabs scold at them for doing so, but gets punished with them by his mother.
  • "Wet Painters:" Krabs made SpongeBob and Patrick paint his house white and if any of the irremovable paint on his portraited dollar, he'll mount their rear ends on his firesides, scaring them. However, in the end, the paint is revealed to be removable by saliva and Krabs tells them that he was just messing with them and laughs out loud. SpongeBob and Patrick leave in a betrayed notion out of his house.
  • "Pranks a Lot:" SpongeBob and Patrick, still invisible from the Invisible Spray, try to haunt Mr. Krabs so they would have completed haunting everyone in Bikini Bottom. Krabs at first is unfazed by this, but the two manage to pressure him into being scared, gluing the doors shut, replacing the glass with rubber, and clogging the toilets. Once they tried to scorch his dollar, Krabs douses the fire, revealing SpongeBob and Patrick. While Krabs claims it was okay, he manages to prank them in retaliation, revealing their nudity to everyone they pranked, much to their embarrassment.
  • "That's No Lady:" After seeing Patrick as Patricia, Krabs gains a crush on him and does several dating offers. Eventually, Patrick becomes bothered, stating that these two were this nice to him as his actual self. Krabs and Squidward then continue offering him to where he says "no." Eventually, after SpongeBob mentions that Patricia is Patrick, the 2 become disgusted. As Patrick took his disguise off, Krabs fired him in slight scarred horror.
  • "Pat No Pay": After hearing that Patrick has no money to pay for a lot of Krabby Patties, Krabs then puts Patrick on labor. As Patrick kept on screwing up, Krabs then makes him throw garbage down & threatens him that he'll never get another Krabby Patty again if he screws that up. Patrick then works hard with SpongeBob's help, but misinterpreting Mr. Krabs money bag as another garbage bag, he throws it down, clogging the shredder. Krabs checks up on Patrick, but the Krusty Krab is destroyed, his money is finally decimated in the intact disposal, & he gets angered by the dollar shreds. Patrick asks if he can eat now and it is possible that he banned Patrick from eating at his restaurant forever, but he is seen there in later episodes.
  • "No Hat for Pat": Patrick begs Mr. Krabs to hire him so he can get a hat. Krabs reluctantly agrees right after seeing him fall which amused customers. After Krabs gave him his hat, Patrick keeps falling. Eventually, SpongeBob becomes worried about this. During the climax, Krabs then increases the level of injury to Patrick to a diving board with a bucket of sea urchins. As Patrick tries to dive with his hat off, Krabs complains to Patrick about this. However, in the end, Patrick realizes that the hat makes him top-heavy, and with only Squidward injured, the customers assault Mr. Krabs for a refund (even to the point of taking his hat & clothes off). Krabs then harshly fires Patrick, stating that as long as he's still around, he'll never let him wear this hat.
  • The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water: During the end credits, Mr. Krabs pulls Patrick's wallet out of his pocket.

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