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Patrick's Rock
Location: 120 Conch Street
Bikini Bottom
First Appearance: Help Wanted
List of places
Hungry Patrick
Inside Patrick's house.
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120 Conch Street is the home of Patrick Star.


The house is a large brown rock with a wind vane on top. Like a door, it has hinges where it opens and closes.

Early in the series, Patrick had nothing in it except a gray TV and a green chair, with a lamp. Later on, he has everything made of sand.

Patrick also is known to pick up or carry the entire rock; indicating that Patrick is either strong or his house is very light. It also has a backyard that is rarely shown. The front yard has a long black path connecting the front of the rock and Conch Street. Patrick has one large room in his house that he changes according to the time of day.

In the episode, Home Sweet Pineapple, Patrick revealed that his house is extremely easy to make (and the arrow breaks).

In the "Truth or Square TV Guide", a comic reveals that Patrick's house was once his small pet rock who grew up to be his a large rock and he put an arrow on it, but the wooden arrow broke and fell. Patrick's house is usually pinkish brown or very brown. Patrick's not good at making a house, so this is why his house is just a rock, but Patrick did manage to build the rooms and put his stuff in it. It is revealed that Patrick's parents kicked him out and got rid of him, so he made his own house.

In the episode The Card, that Patrick has a landlord who constantly changes the lock on him.

In the episode I'm with Stupid, it is revealed that Patrick's house has two rooms, including kitchen. Sometimes there is also a bathroom in the house so there could be 3 rooms. It's rooms change so sometimes there's only a flat one and sometimes there are more like a kitchen.



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