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Patrick on a rocket

Starfishman (Patrick) using this rocket to battle the Patty U.F.O. in the video game "Creature from the Krusty Krab." The first owner of the rocket was not Starfishman, but his arch-enemy, Dreaded Patrick. In the game, Dreaded Patrick ties Starfishman to his rocket after trying to save a civilian also tied to the rocket and blasts him into space in an attempt to destroy him. But the brave sea star did not give up his life for the world to become under the power of the evil Dreaded Patrick. The sea star unties himself, and saves himself and the world.defending the space station from asteroids and destroying the patty U.F.O and flew it back to earth falling asleep along the way but manage to press the panic button before crashing into a building. The color of the rocket is steel gray with green laser with a little window with a stick behind it. On bonus version the rocket color is pink with flame near a jet with pink color. One part of the rocket including panic button.

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