This is the page about Patrick's secret box. If you were looking for the article about the episode, then see The Secret Box.

Patrick's secret box is a box owned by Patrick Star that contains a secret and is the main plot element of the episode "The Secret Box."

Role in episode

SpongeBob wants to look inside, but Patrick said if he does, it would ruin their friendship forever. SpongeBob thought Patrick's box possibly contained stolen diamonds, severed heads, an albino jellyfish, or an embarrassing photo of him from the Christmas party. SpongeBob became so desperate to look inside he decides to steal it from Patrick's rock and look. When SpongeBob looks inside the box, he realizes it only had a piece of string, but really when pulled, the string opened a secret compartment inside the box, revealing the actual item inside was indeed an embarrassing picture of SpongeBob at the Christmas Party.


  • According to an interview with Stephen Hillenburg found here, the idea for the secret box came from this:
    • The idea came to Drymon because he, too, had a secret box as a child. "He started telling us about it. We wanted to make fun of him and use it."
  • The Secret Box was also mentioned in the song "Under My Rock," "I got a welcome mat, and dirty socks, a sink, a table, and a secret box."
  • In this episode, it is revealed that the photo can only be seen if you pull the string in the secret box releasing the

    Patrick pulling SpongeBob's tongue, like he would with the string.

    secret compartment where the photo is found.
  • It is rumored that some people recall seeing in the box a picture of SpongeBob with a lampshade over his head or in his underwear while Patrick is revealing the embarrassing photo of SpongeBob at the Christmas party during the original airing of the episode and initial repeats.


  • When Patrick opens the secret box, he doesn't pull the string opening the secret compartment, he just looks inside the box and laughs.

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