Patrick! Turn Your Radio Down! is a WH2O segment on The Best Day Ever album.


(bubble transition sound plays)

Al Bacore: We've got Patrick Star on the phone to talk about his rocking new song, Under My Rock. Patrick, are you there?

Patrick: Hello? (voice echoes and we hear feedback)

Al Bacore: This is Al Bacore on WH20 and you're on the air.

Patrick: Hello? (echoing and feedback)

Al Bacore: Can you turn your radio down?

Patrick: Hello? (echoing and feedback)

Al Bacore: (raises voice) Can you turn your radio down?

Patrick: It's really hard to hear you Al, (voice echoes) can you turn your radio down? (voice echoes) Yeah, I heard you the first time. (voice echoes)

(we hear more feedback)

Al Bacore: Patrick, you turned the volume up! Turn it the other way!

Patrick: What?

(more feedback, and the call ends)

Al Bacore: Okay, we're experiencing some technical difficulties, and we'll try to get back to Patrick later. In the meantime, let's spin this tune, where Patrick has gone in a bolder new direction - 'Under My Rock'...

(track ends)

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