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Bold print means the character played a major role in that appearance.



  1. "Christmas Who?(debut)
  2. "Shanghaied"
  3. "Party Pooper Pants"
  4. "The Sponge Who Could Fly"
  5. "Ugh"
  6. "Have You Seen This Snail?" (cameo at beginning)
  7. "Friend or Foe"
  8. "SpongeBob vs. The Patty Gadget" (narrator)
  9. "Atlantis SquarePantis"
  10. "Pest of the West" (cameo at beginning)
  11. "What Ever Happened to SpongeBob?"‎ (cameo at beginning)
  12. "Truth or Square"
  13. "Big Time Beach Party" (crossover appearance on Big Time Rush)
  14. "It's a SpongeBob Christmas!" (seen in stop motion animation)
  15. "Feral Friends"


  1. SpongeBob SquigglePants (video game)
  2. SpongeBob Moves In! (cartoon; during the Christmas event)


  1. Best Day Ever marathon (Marathon host)
  2. SpongeBob Z-A (Marathon host)
  3. The Ultimate SpongeBob SpongeBash (cameo)
  4. Legends of Bikini Bottom Event

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