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Mr. Tentacles
General information
Aliases: Papa Tentacles
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Turquoise
Eye color: Yellow, with red irises/pupils
Classification: Octopus
Spouse: Mrs. Tentacles (Wife)
Children: Squidward Tentacles (Son)
Parents: Grandma Tentacles (Mother)
Nephews: Squeeze Tentacles (Nephew)
Ancestors: Squidly Tentacles
Hopalong Tentacles
First appearance: Hooray for Dads!
Latest appearance: Hooray for Dads!
List of characters

Mr. Tentacles is Squidward's father and Mrs. Tentacles' husband. He has not appeared on screen, but was mentioned in "Krab Borg" when Squidward claimed that his father loved him very much. The use of past tense has led to fan speculation that Mr. Tentacles is deceased. However, he made a live appearance in the book Hooray for Dads!, indicating he's alive. Mr. Tentacles was shown to have a similar personality to his son. He wears glasses.


  • Besides Mr. Krabs, he is the only dad in the book Hooray for Dads! who didn't have a mustache.
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