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Pacific Ocean

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Pacific Ocean
Capitol Bikini Bottom
Largest City New Kelp City

The Pacific Ocean is the ocean in which Bikini Bottom is located. It is also the home of the Mariana Trench. Bikini Atoll is the small island that is near the city of Bikini Bottom. An interesting fact, is when Plankton talks about ruling the world, he is actually talking about the Pacific Ocean. It is the only ocean to appear in the series (Other than the Atlantic Ocean in Atlantis SquarePantis since the Atlantis would be in the the Atlantic Ocean if it existed). Hawaii resides in the center of America. The Pacific Ocean is the worlds largest ocean covering about 64 million square miles and covers more than a third of the earths surface. Much of what lives in it is still a mystery today.

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Bikini BottomRock BottomNew Kelp CityAtlantis

Bikini Bottom Areas

Goo LagoonJellyfish FieldsKelp ForestDead Eye Gulch

Bikini Bottom Residence

120 Conch Street122 Conch Street124 Conch Street126 Conch Street3451 Anchor WayMrs. Puff's House

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Barg'N-MartChum BucketKrusty KrabMermalairMrs. Puff's Boating SchoolBikini Bottom MallGoofy Goober's Ice Cream Party BoatHatsReef CinemaBikini Bottom JailBikini Bottom Hospital

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