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Oyster Stadium
Industry: Performance Hall
Location: Bikini Bottom Zoo, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Joe
First appearance: "The Smoking Peanut"
Latest appearance: "Not Normal"
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Oyster Stadium is an arena within the Bikini Bottom Zoo where the performing clam, Clamu is held. It is a rather large stadium, featured in the episode "The Smoking Peanut." The Stadium can be seen from SpongeBob's house through his window. It also made a cameo in the episode "Not Normal."



The exterior of the stadium contains green wood that forms the perimeter, a large main gate surrounded by several smaller ones, ticket booths made out of hay which surrounds the stadium, and a giant pink shell which has "Oyster Stadium" written on it on the top of the building.


The interior of the stadium has green seats and other special green seats for patrons, hallways from the gates that lead into the inside area, green stairs that lead to higher level seating areas, a blue metal ground which leads into Clamu's staging area and some red rope which surrounds Clamu's holding area.

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