Oswald McNulty is the several times Annual Founders Day Eating Contest champion. He only appears in the episode "What's Eating Patrick?"


He is an olive yellow fish with dark orange fins, mustard yellow lips, and mustard yellow eyelids. He wears a white shirt.


Oswald McNulty is first mentioned by Squidward when he tells Mr. Krabs that McNulty only needs to eat one Krabby Patty to win.

Later, he appears in a flashback where he defeats Larry, Mrs. Puff, and Sandy in a previous eating contest.

During Patrick's training, a film reel of McNulty is shown, revealing that the reason he always wins is because he never tastes the patties.

He makes a real appearance during the contest. He eats faster than Patrick at first, but Patrick catches up to him. When both eaters reach 999 patties, McNulty falls backwards and loses, making Patrick the winner after he ate the last Krabby Patty.

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