Orin J. Ruffy, also known as The Butler, is a fish who works in a train. He is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.


Orin J. Ruffy is a tall light orange fish with a dark red-orange dorsal fin. He wears a suit resembling a butler's (though he insists that he isn't really one). The suit itself is blue with purple lines going down his pants. He wears a white undershirt with a purple tie. He also wears a blue hat and black shoes. In his true appearance, he has black hair and wrinkles.


In the episode "The Great Patty Caper," Ruffy was a suspect in the theft of the key to the Krabby Patty recipe vault. He frequently states that he is not a butler. When the key went missing, he was then searched by a tough cop. Nothing suspicious was found, but it was revealed that he is a criminal who stole $75,000 worth of ham sandwiches.


  • "I am not a butler!"
  • "I don't even have the butler accent!"


  • Orin J. Ruffy is a pun of Orange Roughy, a type of fish.
  • His being suspected of stealing the key is based on the gag "the butler did it". However, even though he is not a butler, and he did not steal the key, he was still a criminal on the run (for stealing $75,000 worth of ham sandwiches).

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