On the Beach is a traditional Hawaiian song performed by Kapono Beamer. The main instruments being played in the piece include a guitar and a ukulele.


  • 4a. "Naughty Nautical Neighbors" - "Thanks SpongeBob, you're a real friend."
  • 6b. "Pickles" - SpongeBob tries to remember how to go to bed.
  • 9b. "Opposite Day" - "Op-po-site..." as the night turns into day on the island.
  • 10b. "F.U.N." - "And after that, we frolicked through the flowers."
  • 13b. "I Was a Teenage Gary" - "This is gonna be the best three days of my life."; "Yes, yes, it's just as I thought."
  • 14b. "Karate Choppers" - SpongeBob and Sandy go on a picnic.
  • 15a. "Sleepy Time" - SpongeBob returns to his dream bubble; Everyone tells SpongeBob to stay out of their dreams.
  • 16a. "Valentine's Day" - SpongeBob approaches Patrick while he makes a rock valentine; Patrick pleads SpongeBob to show him his valentine while SpongeBob walks to the carnival.
  • 17a. "Arrgh!" - Mr. Krabs has won the board game 17 times in a row.
  • 17b. "Rock Bottom" - The clock at the bus service station moves quickly as time passes by and "next" is repeated.
  • 20a. "Hooky" - The ending.
  • 21a. "Your Shoe's Untied" - Transition shot of the island from night to dawn, when SpongeBob wakes up to see that his shoes are still untied.
  • 22a. "Something Smells" - SpongeBob has bad breath after finishing the sundae.
  • 22b. "Bossy Boots" - Squidward wears the Kuddly Krab uniform for a long amount of time.
  • 24a. "Dying for Pie" - "I knew you'd come around, boy. Make something nice."
  • 25a. "Wormy" - SpongeBob and Patrick run to Sandy's house to greet Wormy, only to find his butterfly form in his jar.
  • 25b. "Patty Hype" - Title card; Transition shot of the island from night to dawn, when Mr. Krabs is seen sitting at the stand.
  • 27b. "Life of Crime" - SpongeBob and Patrick name the upsides of being fugitives.
  • 29b. "Dumped" - Gary is attached to Patrick; Patrick brushes his teeth, SpongeBob comes over to talk.
  • 35a. "The Secret Box" - SpongeBob tells Patrick every one of his many secrets.
  • 35b. "Band Geeks" - Squidward says he has to drum up a marching band as everyone reads the flyers.
  • 36a. "Graveyard Shift" - "Isn't this great, Squidward?"
  • 37a. "Procrastination" - Back at home, SpongeBob tries to start his essay.
  • 42b. "My Pretty Seahorse" - The "Three Days Later" time card and SpongeBob is still staring at the flower.
  • 47a. "As Seen on TV" - Transition shot of the island as night turns into morning and SpongeBob walks to work; SpongeBob frequently says he was the guy on TV.
  • 47b. "Can You Spare a Dime?" - The succession of time cards (Pitch -1 each time; beginning with +2); Mr. Krabs accuses Squidward of putting the dime in his pants.
  • 49b. "Rock-a-Bye Bivalve" - Patrick promises SpongeBob to be home at 6:00.
  • 52a. "Chocolate with Nuts" - SpongeBob keeps taking bags out of other bags.
  • 58a. "Missing Identity" - SpongeBob does his morning routine; SpongeBob gets dressed and walks to work; SpongeBob tries to retrace his steps.
  • 63. "Have You Seen This Snail?" - Gary gets ready for his dinner; Gary slithers over to SpongeBob.
  • 65a. "Selling Out" - Mr. Krabs goes to the hook museum.
  • 69a. "Krusty Towers" - Squidward unclogs Patrick's toilet.
  • 72a. "All That Glitters" - SpongeBob walks to work naked.
  • 74a. "Bummer Vacation" - SpongeBob is on Krusty Krab property, but has to back up further.
  • 75b. "That's No Lady" - The salesman gives out flyers; SpongeBob explains to Patrick that the assassin wasn't going to ban him from town, he was going to send him a vacation flier; The ending.
  • 79a. "The Pink Purloiner" - SpongeBob and Patrick head to the bus to go home.
  • 83b. "Waiting" - "Let's go to the Krusty Krab for a Krabby Patty!"
  • 85a. "New Digs" - SpongeBob prepares for bed.
  • 93a. "Picture Day" - SpongeBob takes a shower.
  • 102b. "Nautical Novice" - SpongeBob recites all of his boating knowledge to Mrs. Puff.
  • 108b. "Plankton's Regular" - Plankton comes out with another "Chum-On-a-Stick."
  • 113b. "The Card" - The sun sets.
  • 114b. "Ditchin'" - SpongeBob and Patrick hand their comic books to Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy.
  • 121a. "Sand Castles in the Sand" - SpongeBob and Patrick begin building sand castles.
  • 122a. "Chum Bucket Supreme" - Patrick resigns and Plankton throws a fit, eventually calling the hockey players "doo-doo dunderheads."
  • 131a. "Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful" - Squidward comes home in a good mood.
  • 146b. "Earworm" - SpongeBob goes to bed.
  • 170b. "Home Sweet Rubble" - SpongeBob gets ready, but has to fix the shelf; "Well, it isn't exactly Home Sweet Pineapple, but I suppose it could be much worse."
  • 193a. "Sanctuary!" - The opening; SpongeBob takes the snail home.
  • 198b. "CopyBob DittoPants" - "More fruit punch, SpongeBob?"; Plankton tells SpongeBob to take the day off.
  • 206a. "Unreal Estate" - Squidward says SpongeBob can live at his old house.
  • 210b. "Burst Your Bubble" - SpongeBob sees Patrick with a boat.

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