Not to be confused with Old Man Jenkins' Barn.
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Old Man Jenkins' House is a house that Old Man Jenkins lives in.


It is made up of all different parts and many floors. It has a porch in the front and a bunch of windows; circular and rectangular. The second floor is green and has circle windows. It leads to a balcony and a clothes line, hanging from a chimney. The third floor is orange, yellow, and peach and is the smallest floor. The door is barricaded on the second floor. He also has a boatmobile parked on the side of the house.

The interior is shown in the episode "As Seen On TV." When SpongeBob was walking to work, Old Man Jenkins said "you were on that commercial last night." It shows a flashback of Old Man Jenkins sitting on his living room couch, watching TV with the Bran Flakes commercial on. A painting can be seen on the wall.

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