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Rob Johnson
General information
Occupation(s): Police Officer
Aliases: Johnson
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: Green
Eye color: Black
Classification: Fish
Friends: Officer John
Officer Nancy
Employer: Al Priss
Enemies: Criminals
First appearance: "Hall Monitor"
List of characters

Officer Rob Johnson is a green police fish that appears in many episodes.


He is the head Police of the K9 unit. He appears in Hall Monitor asking Patrick some questions. His last name was revealed in Growth Spout as "Johnson" by Officer John. He also appears in I'm Your Biggest Fanatic as a security guard who is constantly trying to keep Patrick from playing with the displays, and the final straw is when Patrick chases down Jeffery Jellyfish, he goes to confront Patrick.


  • "FREEZE! Your joyride's over, punk." (Doing Time)
  • Holy sea cow! that hooligan ran a stop sign!
  • You know that guy?
  • Do I have to follow you around all day?
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