Octavio is a character who appears in the PC version of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game.


Octavio appears to be a large squid and wears a turtleneck, the uniform of his rebellion. He only walks with two legs, as shown in his animation.


Octavio appears to be bold, brave, calculative, and maybe a little brash, seeing as how he rushed into rebellion on a misunderstanding.


Octavio and his followers (Maurice, Jacques, and a Lobster Attendant) are trying to get inside of Dr. Lumbar Louie's office for treatment, however, through a series of misunderstandings, they believe Lumbar Louie refuses to treat them when in reality, Dr. Louie is just scared of confronting "The Big Guy" (Maurice).

Role in game

SpongeBob and Patrick arrive at the office to find Maurice and Jacques protesting. They join the movement and SpongeBob receives a uniform and the password to get past the Lobster and see Octavio. He also gets in to see Dr. Louie and receive a stethoscope as a peace offering. SpongeBob then goes to find Octavio, with the latter not knowing that any of the previous events occured is in a cellar planning his rebellion.

SpongeBob comes into the cellar and Octavio trades words about the rebellion with him. When he mentions his anger toward Doctor Louie, SpongeBob gives Octavio the Stethescope and the latter leaves to make peace, saying "I must see this great healer at once."


  • Octavio and his rebellion may be a reference to the French revolution.