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Nuticcino Machine

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Nuticcino Machine
Producer: Sandy Cheeks
Type: Electronics
Appearance: "Chimps Ahoy"
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The Nuticcino Machine is an invention created by Sandy and is only seen in the episode, "Chimps Ahoy."


The Nuticcino Machine is a small object that is made of wood. It also has a funnel at the top where the nuts go in.

Role in the series

Sandy said that it makes a great nuticcino. SpongeBob could hear a peanut being made into a nuticcino through Sandy's other invention, the Nut Helmet. SpongeBob felt depressed as he heard the peanut scream as it was transformed into a nuticcino.


  • A "nuticcino" is a parody of a cappuccino.
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