Not to be confused with Unnamed nurse.

  The Nurse is a fish who first appears in the episode "The Lost Mattress." She makes another appearance in "Gramma's Secret Recipe." She also appears at the end of the episode "The Cent of Money."


She is a light green fish with black hair and light red lips. She wears a light blue nurse dress and white shoes and a white nurse hat with a red cross. Her eyes have never been seen, only hidden behind with non-transparent glasses.


In "The Lost Mattress," she is only seen moving Mr. Krabs around the building, due to impractical situations around the hospital. Soon, she is then told to push Mr. Krabs out to the side walk and down a hill into the dump. In "Gramma's Secret Recipe," she is seen reminding Plankton when his gramma's bed time is in the hospital, in which Plankton gets irritated due to the Nurse repeatedly reminding him his grandma's bed times. In "The Cent of Money," Mr. Krabs complains that he cannot afford his medical bill, but due to him using Gary as a magnet, he obtains large amounts of money. The Nurse is then seen taking his money, which are stuffed in many bags, away from him.

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