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Noxious Enterprise's Super SPU-31 Liquid-Cooled Mobile Processing Unit

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Noxious Enterprise's Super SPU-31 Liquid-Cooled Mobile Processing Unit
Komputer Overload 13
Residence: Chum Bucket, Pacific Ocean
Physical appearance
Color: Light blue and light tan
Friends: Sheldon J. Plankton
Enemies: Eugene H. Krabs
SpongeBob SquarePants
Squidward Tentacles
Sheldon J. Plankton
The other robots
Series information
Appearance: "Komputer Overload"
List of characters

Noxious Enterprise's Super SPU-31 Liquid-Cooled Mobile Processing Unit, also known as SPU-31, is a robot that Plankton created to try to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula and replace Karen.


It has a large bubbly blue center with a substance in it, and has light tan robot legs to hold itself up.


SPU-31 fought alongside the Command Module and the T-119A Compumatic, until Plankton joined the three robots to make one giant robot. SPU-31 made up the bottom of the robot. This robot was only seen in the episode "Komputer Overload."

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