Residence: Krusty Krab (possibly)
Interests: Scaring people
Flickering the lights
Occupation(s): Vampire
Aliases: Count Dracula
Count Orlok
Physical appearance
Gender: Male
Color: White/pale
Eye color: Black
Classification: Vampire
Series information
First appearance: "Graveyard Shift"
Latest appearance: SpongeBob's Truth or Square (DS version)
Portrayer: Max Schreck
List of characters

Nosferatu is a character who only appears in the episode "Graveyard Shift." Nosferatu is a vampire from the 1922 horror film of the same name. In "Graveyard Shift," Nosferatu is responsible for flickering the lights, which confuses and scares SpongeBob and Squidward as the lights flickering is one of the signs of the Hash Slinging Slasher's arrival. He also appears in the one of the mini-games in the DS version of SpongeBob's Truth or Square.


  • In the 1922 film he originated from, his name was actually Count Orlok: "Nosferatu" is actually the Romanian word for "Vampire."

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