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Noses 'n Things

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Noses n' Things
Nose 'N Things
Location: Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean
Employment: Plastic Surgeon (head surgeon)
Products: Noses
Appearance: "No Nose Knows"
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Noses 'n Things is a plastic surgery clinic where nose surgery takes place. It only appeared in the episode "No Nose Knows."


In the episode, a lead plastic surgeon helps Patrick find a nose. The Plastic Surgeon says to take his time choosing but, a few seconds later he rushes Patrick to the doctor's office.


The exterior of the building is yellow, It features a wide wall of noses on the inside and a huge man with a nose on the outside. It has many noses with descriptions on the bottom, large ones, huge ones, short, red, white, brown etc.

There is an extensive wall of noses, and Patrick chose one of the Big-Long noses shown. Sadie Rechid is a nurse here.

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