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Nose Camera
Immma firin mah camera
Producer: Sandy Cheeks
Type: Electronics
Appearance: "Spy Buddies"
List of objects

The Nose Camera is a spy gadget created by Sandy in the episode "Spy Buddies." Along with many other items she showed to SpongeBob and Patrick, its sole purpose was to help them spy on Plankton. The camera is small enough to fit up SpongeBob and Patrick's noses.


The camera is just a smaller version of a regular digital camera, and it's able to fit up in a nose.

Role in the episode

In "Spy Buddies", the nose camera is among other objects meant for spying that Sandy showed to Spongebob and Patrick. It is not seen again afterwards.


  • This camera looks similar to the Arm-Pit spy cam SpongeBob used in "The Masterpiece."
  • SpongeBob and Patrick stole the Nose Camera from Sandy but they were never seen using it to spy on Plankton.
  • Sandy in this episode gives a reference to Q from the James Bond films, by giving the gadgets to SpongeBob and Patrick.

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