Nixie is a teenage female fish who appears in the episode "Mall Girl Pearl." She is one of Pearl's friends and works at Bangles and Dangles in the Bikini Bottom Mall.


She is a light yellow fish with dark magenta hair, light salmon-pink lips, and silver braces. She also wears dark lavender clothes and a dark purple headband.

Role in episode

Nixie is seen after Pearl calls her at the mall, asking if she wants to hang out. Nixie says she is at work and cannot hang out at the time. Sometime later, Pearl meets up with Nixie at Bangles and Dangles in order to apply for a job there. Nixie walks Pearl over to the manager, who quickly says they are not hiring. Much later, Nixie along with Pearl's other friends, Marina and Nocturna, meet up with her later for lunch.

Pearl announces that she is working at Grandma's Apron and Nixie and the others all make fun of her for working at an "old person's store." Nixie, Marina, and Nocturna then decide to visit Pearl at her job, where they make fun of her more. However, Pearl's manager, Beatrice, manages to defeat the three of them and they finally apologize for their actions.